Deciduous Tales

Edit: Available NOW! In paperback and ebook. Find it on Amazon.

Hello friends,

The following is an extremely special announcement. Deciduous is the publication that allowed me to fulfill a dream. It was the first publication to pay me actual money for a story: my long-time, personal definition of being a “real writer”. However, despite the fact that I am now a ‘real writer’, I find it difficult to put words together to express how immensely thrilled and excited I am for this book to launch.

I can’t believe this is happening! I have no idea what to expect from here on out. I can hardly believe I’m in a book with these other authors! Who will read my story and will they like it? What should I write next?

Instead of being dazzled and overwhelmed by these thoughts, let me tell you a bit about my story.

“The Little Red Mouths” features a lonely and fragile young girl attempting to cope with a life that oscillates between neglect and violence. She wishes desperately for something to care for and nurture. She wants to find a way to interact with a world that she believes still holds magic. One night, as she runs from her father into the South Carolina low-country forest, she stumbles upon a clearing. Among the sandy pine-needles, she finds exactly what she was seeking.

I came up with the original idea for this one a long time ago, around 2014, when I was in a strong flash fiction phase. It was a story that went through several different incarnations (some far more gruesome than others) as I tried to strike the right balance between beauty, sorrow, and magic realism. It also features one of my favorite things: carnivorous plants. Personally, I think it has a rather happy ending, but take that as you may coming from a horror writer.

I will return to this post with updates and links when the book becomes available. It will be up for purchase both in paperback and as an ebook.

Hopefully it will get you all in the Halloween spirit!


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