The Body Horror Book is Out Now!

Hello friends,

My essay “Insertion and Transformation” (written under the name J. J. Roye) is now available for purchase as part of The Body Horror Book, edited by Claire Fitzpatrick.

The book, as a whole, covers an immensely wide range of topics within the body horror genre. Some of the essays are academic, others are deeply personal.

My entry is sort of in-between. I drew a little from my background as a philosopher in dissecting several unexamined paradoxes of human behavior. For example, why does the idea of a chest-bursting alien disturb us yet we don’t express the same horror at a baby shower or after a birth announcement? The processes afflicting the characters in many body horror stories are very similar to ones which we encounter every day. My essay seeks to establish some criteria for defining body horror as distinct from normal human experience.

There is much I could say on this topic, but I tried to keep it short and sweet for the book. In the future, I’d love to write more essays. So, if you’re trying to put something together and are looking for contributors, feel free to contact me.


P.S. You can read a review of the book by William Tea here.

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